FB & I

FB&I 72
Facebook is a great
Partner of mine
Helping me daily
To waste my time

Friends meeting friends
Bizarre people too
Know every little thing
I write or do

Since I've collected
One hundred names
I’ve lost the idea
Who is my friend

Going through, thinking
Then in the end
I don’t even know who is
The common friend

And all those games
Hold me so tied,
Once I didn’t show up
And all my fish died.

Sometimes I ask myself
Why do I care
But how can I miss it
While everyone’s there!

There’s one think I wonder though
Don’t think I’m not smart
Could they also hear me
When I snore or fart?

Oh my dear Facebook
I fear if I'll do
Manage to live my life
Again without you.

5 Responses to “FB & I”

  1. tereza Says:

    Skvělé ! .-)

  2. Liz Says:

    I love it Radana! So true! Thanks for writing it in English! ; )

  3. Liz Says:

    OOoohhh… and I forgot to mention … I love your drawings!!! Even if you think they are simple, you really are an artist my dear! xoxox

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